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About Miss Hook

Who? What? Why? 🤔

That's the biggest coffee pot in the world!
That's me behind it! 😆 And there on the right is my favourite place. Here I got my ideas.

Curvy Girls Häkelbuch

  That's me

  • I'm Carla
  • Girl-boy-mom from the Palatinate
  • Full time web- and graphic designer
  • I crochet, photography, music, decorate, my garden, macrame, read, dance, food, white wine, Nutella, blackberries, coffee, flowers and yarn. Yes, I especially like yarn. 😁

THE IDEA I had the idea for my chubby dolls when I saw a picture of curvy ladies at the girls night. The joie de vivre and exuberance of these women inspired me to write my first pattern for the doll "Miss Rubi". The interest in the patterns was great and so I soon opened my first online shop as "Miss Hook".