German Version

Bunch of Flowers

Required yarn: Catania | Schachenmayr | hook size: 2.5-3.5

Foundation: ch 21 incl. t ch
1. row: sc 20

Secure and break yarn.


Magic Loop: ch 2, dc 10 in the ring. (10 st)
Break the green and pink yarn and fasten off. Don't break the yarn of the yellow piece! We need it for the rest of the daffodil.

Number of pieces: 2 x green, 5 x pink, 1 x yellow


We take the yellow yarn and crochet on: 1.-4. round: sc in continuous rounds (10 st)
5. round: work all in () in one stitch: [ (sc 1, dc 1, picot* 1, dc 1, sc 1), sl st] x 5
Break yarn and fasten off.

*Picot: work ch 3, Remove your needle from the work and stitch it into the first ch st. Now draw the last crocheted ch st through the first ch st, and go on as described.

4Now you break 3 threads, about 5 cm long, dark yellow yarn and knotting them together with a bright yellow thread. This thread is drawn with a needle through the inner flower and knotted together.

5 Take the purple thread and wind it about 60 times around the fork. Then take a green thread and pull it through the upper half of the yarn and knotting it firmly together. Take a scissor and cut off the lower half of the yarn on the fork. Now you pull the green thread through a green double crochet ring.

6 Sew the 5 pink double crochet rings together fan-shaped and then pull it also through a green double crochet ring. To finish the flowers, you only have to sew on the stems!